Dreamfall: the Longest Journey 2

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Howdy all. I'm typing this on a new computer I finished building only half an hour ago. I'm still trying to get over the immense beauty of this enormous wide screen LCD monitor. It is a thing of great power and might... Anyway, enough gloating.

When I finally got the internet working on this machine I was delighted to find my ISP no longer sucks and has upgraded my connection to a decent speed. So I finally got to see what the movies on the Dreamfall site actually look like. Only one thing to say: wow. I've pre-ordered the game and am sitting slowly growing more and more anxious every time I see the release date get pushed back just that little bit more but I can't wait to play it. Anyone else? It looks like it could be one of those games which reinvents adventuring and actually succeeds!

Also, I've yet to play Bone 2 (because of new computer) but is it everything I hoped it would be? e.g. Super Fantastic?


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    I've preordered this game and it does look pretty cool.
    I really liked the first one.. really good game. Also, I think it's kinda cool that a Norwegian game developer makes games in my favourite genre hehe :)

    However, I just learned that the European version of Dreamfall (at least the DVD version) will use Starforce. I really, really, REALLY don't like that :(
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    After having read a few of the reviews, I'm really looking forward to playing this. Story-driven games are my favorite, and based on what I've read this seems like exactly the kind of game I'll like.

    My computer is old, and I'm torn between buying the game now and playing it with bad graphics, or waiting until I have a newer computer that it'll look better on.
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    If you have a really bad computer, then I'd wait until I'd upgraded. Terrible graphics can be somewhat of an athmospehre killer and I that the athmosphere will be very important in this game.
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    From what I've heard of the game it apparently is more suited for fairly powerful computers.

    On the subject of changing the subject briefly, I've finally redownloaded Bone and played it. It was awesome. Hurrah. Certainly a very suitable opening line :) . And it actually looks really good when played on a big widescreen monitor. Yes. More gloating. But true. People have said the graphics are simple but I think they look great. They have a charm to them which would be ruined if the game was super detailed and such.
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    People have said the graphics are simple but I think they look great. They have a charm to them which would be ruined if the game was super detailed and such.

    Glad you enjoyed it! The graphics definitely look better on a better video card. When people complain about the graphics, it makes me wonder what kind of video card they have.
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    But if you at it another way.. people with bad graphics cards are used to running games in low detail.
    People with very good graphics cards have gotten used to graphics like in Doom 3 and FEAR.
    I think the people with the very good graphics cards are the ones most likely to find the Bone graphics ugly.
    I actually think the graphics in Bone are pretty nice though.. except for the two female characters in episode 1.
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