Six degrees of Wikipedia

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I love this game
  1. Go to Wikipedia
  2. Click on "Random Article" and get a random page
  3. Click on "Random Article" (Again) and get ANOTHER random page.
  4. Try to go to the second random article from the first one, using only links from THAT page.
  5. Post a list of every page you go through on your journey in this thread.

Here's mine;
Greece – Bosnia and Herzegovina Friendship Building => Bulbasaur

Greece – Bosnia and Herzegovina Friendship Building > Greece > Greek Mythology > Family tree of the Greek gods > Zeus > Heracles > Hercules in popular culture > Kingdom Hearts II > Action role-playing game > Role-playing video game > Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness > Pokémon > Bulbasaur.


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    I got a few things that would get me banned, except this:

    The Summit School is an approved private school in New York City.[1] It operates on two campuses in Queens, New York, USA. The Lower School educates elementary and middle school children.
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    I think that you missed the point of the game, Homsarthesong.

    Anyway, here are my tries:

    Anahuac Disturbances=> Leo Hope-Ede

    Anahuac Disturbances>Mexico>Constitutional Republic>Constitutional Monarchy>New Zealand>Category: New Zealand>Category: Sport in New Zealand>Category: New Zealand sportspeople>Category: New Zealand association footballers>Category: New Zealand association footballers (page 2)>Leo Hope-Ede

    Yeah, I did some research in between, but posting it will make it boring.

    Now used in TVTropes!

    Space Brasilia=>Cute Mute

    Space Brasilia>Bizarrchitecture>Malevolent Architecture>Portal>Heroic Mime>The Silent Bob>Marx Brothers>Duck Soup> Cute Mute.
    (Some trial and error was here, but I didn't include it to avoid confusion.)
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    2008 Champ Car season => Once Upon a Tour

    2008 Champ Car season > Netherlands > North-West Europe > Finland > Nightwish > Once Upon a Tour

    That's 6. Do I get a metal for that?
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