Where are the voucher codes (refunds) ??

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I decided to make another thread about this to hope bring to attention to the fact, that alot of people have yet to recieve their voucher codes me included.
I did however recieve my refund but no voucher code just wondering.

And people have been contacting customer support but to no avail.

So just wondering guys


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    Yeah, same thing with me. I received my refund almost a week after the delay announcement. I don't understand why they're waiting so long for the vouchers. I'm in no rush because I'm just going to use it to get JP, but I just want to know when to look out for it.
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    I'm not even worried about it any more. I got the voucher and not the refund but I'll just use it on the Jurassic Park game again. That way I'm just back where I started. Didn't want a refund in the first place anyway.
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    Same over here: after a couple of months I got the voucher but still no refund. I don't mind missing the refund, since I'll still be getting the game with the voucher so I won't be losing anything. However, it's not fair that lots of people did indeed get both the voucher and the refund, so they are actually getting the game for free and can spend their money on other stuff.
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