PROBLEM: the T-Rex's HEAD needs to be bigger.

Has this already been taken care of?

Ever since I watched the demo footage of the T-rex vs Triceratops, I could sense there was something unusual about the size of the T-Rex.

It's the head that should be made bigger. (and the neck thicker/more muscular)

Go to Google-Images and look at some shots of the movie T-rex (like the gallimimus scene), compare the size of its head/neck to the rest of its body...Then do the same with the game's T-rex. There is a noticable difference in size.

This is a big deal, because T-rex's huge head/neck is a main feature. That's what makes T-rex able to have the strongest jaws in the fossil record. The T-rex in the demo didn't have that kind of impact.

In the demo footage, the T-rex's head seems too small when it's snapping at Jessi...and when it actually DOES catch Jessi, you can compare it to Gennaro's death in the movie...The T-rex seems much bigger when eating Gennaro.

The T-rex's neck is supposed to almost blend in with its torso. (which contributes to its jaw strength)...In the demo, the T-rex's neck clearly doesn't do this.


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    You're right, the head is smaller than it was in the movie. But I think it's a bit late to make changes like that. I would rather they take the time to fix pop-ins, glitches, shorten loading time, and fix the lag in bettween button promps.
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    I agree with the above post. Its impossible to get the dinosaurs exactly like their movie counterparts. The dinosaurs are 90-95% movie accurate and thats all we can ask for. I can sympathise though I noticed the forked tongue and frill difference in the dilophosaur. All we can ask is for them to keep doing their best and to fix issues that are still able to be resolved. You have not idea how bothered I am to this day of the OPERATION GENESIS TRICERATOPS. It looks nothing like the movie counterpart. That difference by far does not compare to the rex head in this game. Its just a small little nit pick difference.
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