Plotholes/ continuity errors/ anachronisms in the game (spoilers!)



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    No-- mostly-- out of sheer child-like excitement, we made the Pteranodons... and then we felt compelled to include them... because they are cool.

    They are and will remain a mystery for now.
    According to the Field Guide an Aviary was being planned for Phase 2. Does that fall into it?
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    And the award for "Best Plot Hole Save" goes to... ASIAN INFERNO

    *hands award to Asian Inferno*
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    According to the Field Guide an Aviary was being planned for Phase 2. Does that fall into it?

    Most likely, I just don't know of any further discussion beyond that.
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    Most likely, I just don't know of any further discussion beyond that.
    How far away (time-wise) was Phase 2 from being implemented? If it was close enough, it might have been an early unknown shipment from Site B (Like the "other" Raptors) and held in some sort of holding pen that escaped during the Security downtime and subsequent system reset (like the other dinosaurs from the movie).

    Or in InGen's attempt at Trial and Error in regards to the implementation of Dinosaurs for Jurassic Park, it was one of those species that were created but not "officially" created (IE: Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Carnosaurus) and the samples (IE: Pteranodons) were sent to Nublar to see if they would work (IE: Troodon) as displayable animals. InGen wanted a aviary dinosaur to display, hence plans for an Aviary, but they weren't aware which one would work: Pteranodons was a possibility, hence their presence on Nublar.
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    About the Pteros, perhaps they just escaped during the blackout.

    By JPL's canon analysis, the toothed pteros were deemed to dangerous and were to be replaced by the thoothless pteros.

    It's very plausible that the Nublar aviary relied on electrical meshes/nets in its structure, and wasn't fortified enough to contain them once the power was out, unlike the Sorna Aviary, which apparently was built specifically to quarantine them (a similar situation to Sorkin's Troodon enclosure back in Nublar).
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    I would really like to know why the Brachiosaurs only had a cameo and how both the Brach's and Gallies werent seen at all in the game???
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    i played through it this weekend and i wonder:

    whatever happened to the bombing of the island?
    that guy who got eaten in the end approved of the military bombing it,and i didnt see anything stopping it from happening? O.o

    also,the poor guy who had eggs inside him.OH MAN! that was som dark stuff right there.
    and they just left him!
    imagine after an hour when the eggs start hatching..i mean,the military guy who got eaten in the end,he could at least have,i dont know,snapped his neck or something.imagine the pain!

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    actually, If you notice the time that Gerry, Jess and Nima get to the Visitor's Center, the helicopter is shown leaving that would have had Grant, Sattler, Malcolm, the kids, and Hammond on it. They don't announce it but it is assumed that that is who is in the helicopter. Most of the game takes place after the events of Jurassic Park.
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    I have one I don't think is mentioned... In the film, Gerry Harding is with Ellie Sattler, who stays behind with the Trike. The only way fo

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