What's on your desk?

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What's on your desk?

This is a game where you can describe (or post pics if you're feeling lazy :P) what you have on your desk (bar keyboard and mouse), if you have a laptop, describe your bedroom or study area!

On the left side I've go my diary and script book where I jot down script ideas etc and my headphones. Just to the left of my monitor is a picture of my Niece when she was born.
Underneath my monitor is a spare mouse, my glasses case and a spare (kinda broken) phone.

On the right of my monitor is a transformable 3rd into 4th version of Birkin fighting an Eva Unit 04 (it has a dog tag with my name on it draped around its neck) that has a gatling gun pointed at Birkin's chest with a sword in full swing, dead air raiders (yes frickin' air raiders, WTF?!) soldiers, with a transformer I have not heard or seen of before (it transforms into a lobster man) raising one claw in awe at the sight. Behind the Eva Unit Mr Stay Puft (with another dog tag) is looming. In which I'm not sure he's there to join in the attack or if he's about to hug my unscrewable Barbasol can (which I can store stuff, like dinosaur embryos in :P). next to the can is a 4GB memory card that isn't in use.

Behind our transformer is a Nerf gun that looks almost exactly like the SOCOM from Metal Gear Solid, along with the book I'm reading.

Behind Birkin are some playing cards, and aviators.

Just above my monitor is a Ghostbusters poster.

I plan to add the INGen field guide under the Barbasol can, and move my GB poster somewhere else to make way for the Jurassic Park Brochure that I'll unfold and stick up there instead. Maybe the two could share the same space? :)

I'd also love, LOVE to have (when I have money to burn) that fully 1+ foot Metal Gear Rex to join in the battle.
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