JP Blu-Ray Pack

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so today i just got for my b-day a blu-ray player and jp combo pack for it XD so excited, it is awesome


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    i have to wait till christmas to watch it o blu-ray :( hahahaha but that is awesome :D go watch it! lol
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    I just got the first episode bundled with the JP blu ray boxed set. Redeemed it here, downloading it now. I don't plan to buy the game for the PC, I'm going to pick up the 360 disc from the store this week now that christmas is over.

    Telltale please don't be mad, my pc has been on the fritz for a while now and I really didn't want to make my system's condition worse by gaming on it. My 360 on the other hand is working fine and I see no problem playing it on that platform. PLEASE DON'T BE MAD!
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