Ok, so I broke down and got it.

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I recieved a $20 PSN card for Christmas a little early, and with the PSN sale of Jurassic Park last week ($22 instead of $30) I decided to go ahead and buy it after seeing that the game only took up 2.5GBs of space. My whole worry on it not being on disc for PS3 was that I didn't want the game taking up 7-9GBs of space on my HDD, but 2.5 is fine as that's about half of a normal install for various games.

The story of the game was great. I liked the tie-ins and how you guys explained a few plot holes from the original movie. I'm sure that every Jurassic Park fan that plays the game will appreciated the story aspect.

I've gotta say though, that there was quite a bit of annoyance and disappointment. Not in the story or the choice of gameplay mechanics. No, what my disappointment in was that you guys delayed the game significantly but it's plauged with slow down and freezes. I noticed that it occurred a lot when I earned a trophy or when I completed a chapter and the chapter title would come up in the upper right. Sometimes the slow down would be so horrible that it would drop to maybe around 15fps and it would make the upcoming QTE impossible to complete. Thus, many of my deaths were a result of the slow down.

There were also audio glitches where the audio wouldn't sync with the lips of the people or the audio would make the characters louder or quieter over a half second. Then there at the end when the characters were outside (not going to spoil it) it sounded like they were in a cave.

Lots of glitches for a game that was delayed half a year. Sorry to say that this will probably be my only Telltale purchase based on the lack of polish. The relative ease of gameplay mechanics would have hopefully made them not so numerous. Sadly, I was mistaken.


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    I got none of the slowdowns or glitches you mention. Admittedly, I was playing on PC not PS3, but I did use the highest possible graphics settings. I'm sorry you found the game glitchy on your PS3, but I want to reassure Telltale that it was perfectly fine on the PC.
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    The delay had nothing to do with refining the game, this was about porting it to 360 nothing else.
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    FinalBlink wrote: »
    The delay had nothing to do with refining the game, this was about porting it to 360 nothing else.

    Um... no. It wasn't about polishing up the game more. Fixing major bugs, shrinking it into four episodes and porting it to 360 and PS3.
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    I have basically the same story as you. I got a £20 PSN voucher for xmas and after reading a lot of reviews i was very unsure about getting it but i caved in and hoped that my £15 would give me some enjoyment.
    So far i have only played episode 1 and i have to say i was suprised, i actually enjoyed it. I thought the graphics were reasonable and the characters interesting however the one thing that stopped me enjoying it were the massive slow downs i experienced when the action got a bit hectic, and occasionaly froze on me for a few seconds :(
    Will the framerate be improved on PS3? Because it ruins it, i really enjoyed the story and gameplay but the slow down and freezing ruined the experience during the important moments.
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