Looking to trade for Jurassic Park on Steam

edited December 2011 in Jurassic Park
Okay, I've been wanting this game for a while now and just realized that I should just ask and see if anybody has a copy they would be willing to trade for any combination of my Steam coupons. I have:

-25% Valve games
-50% Valve games
-25% Deep Silver games
-25% Focus Home Interactive games
-50% Gratuitous Space Battles
-50% Metro 2033
-50% Homefront
-25% 2k games
-66% Two Worlds 2

If anybody has a copy and is willing to trade it to me for anything listed above, please just send me a message in Steam; my name is Indyca00. Either message me or friend/message me and let me know if you are interested.

Indyca00 :cool:

PS: If it is the difference between making a trade or not, I might be willing to throw in some of my coal also.
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