Will they fix the framerate issues?



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    Yes, it was the PS3 version. And the game was free so I consider TT games to be a very generious company.

    You mean because you bought PS+? That really doesn't mean anything. The way that works is that a contract is made between TT and Sony, with Sony giving TT a portion of the profits from PS+ sales that are directly related to the Jurassic Park promotion. Sony frequently does promotions like that for PS+ that results in them losing a certain amount of money (I went with the promotion that was a 15 month access for a 12 month price, a difference of supposedly 18 bucks). Do you really think that, if it costs around 40k just to implement a patch, TT would just throw away the profits after spending money to get their entire game digitally distributed? That's not generous, it's bad business, since all of the cash related to interest in their game goes directly to Sony.

    I'm just assuming that this is how you got the game free. Sorry if you got it through some other method. If so, tell me your secret :P

    I would also like to understand why you defend the company against our objections, which are perfectly reasonable. This isn't like a PC version, where most of the time people are to blame for not making sure that they have the specs required to run the game. This is the console, where everyone has the same setup (I have no idea why you aren't getting gamebreaking lag. Must be different models or something). If a game doesn't work on our systems, then the company that produced it is the only one to blame. TTG is blatantly ignoring its responsibility, and this also shows that they have little respect for their own work, which some would argue is worse and partially explains the gradual descending quality of TT games following the wonderful Monkey Island series. Play that on my PS3 and it runs like a dream.
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    Yes, it was the PS3 version. And the game was free so I consider TT games to be a very generious company.

    Well it wasn't free for me, I paid £15 for a broken product that telltale wont fix.
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    I have PS+ but that's not how I got it for free. Well yes and no.

    Ahhh! I shall explain. I preordered the game. The game was delayed. I got a refund and that code for a free game. I kept the refund and used the code for Jurassic Park. Money back, game free. That's the PC version. Then When Jurassic Park came out on the PS+ I downloaded that one for free.


    Don't get me wrong btw. I can understand the furstration that yall must be having. The game was free for me and I already 100% the episodes already. But for those who are having serious game breaking issues on their copy and can't finish the game and payed full price, yeah... i can imagin that's not pleasent. The thing is that I don't see them patching the game because of the low review scores and I'm assuming low sales as well. I would think that they would just cut their losses and put more effort into other projects like The Walking Dead.
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