Central Park Control Console

Hello everyone. I'm a longtime Jurassic Park enthusiast and decided to join the forum today to ask the million $ question...


I'm always looking to add things to my collection, most recently the JP Deluxe Edition (Which now sits in my JP Jeep-in-progress) and even recreated Nedry's IRIX desktop...but i come up short on the central park control console.

I was wondering if Telltale would ever consider releasing their central park control console as a freestanding program download? It's movie accurate + more, featuring multiple commands as oppose to the simple version floating around the internet. But it's not very convincing when I pull a webpage up for my friends (esp. since none of the hidden commands have worked for me in awhile.) I'm sure it was created by a fan, for the fans...so I'd hate to see it kept tucked away in a webpage.

ALSO! I'm always looking to share anything JP related with fans. Recently came across Tour Program Screenshots (10) .png's. PM if interested, and thank you for taking time to read all this.


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    Jurassic park Online System is already providing basic processes on http://jpos.jurassicpark.sk
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    How do I pull up the cpcc?
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    You need register to site, click on activation link, and you have access to system, but as visitor you can't change park systems.
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    This is really cool. I tried to Register, But I need a Invitation code. How do I get one?
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    Yah I'm wondering the exact same thing...It was funny though i was bored so I tried logging in as D.Nedry and my password Studry and it was weird because at random times it would say Access Open or something but it still wouldn't let me in :-/ still funny-ish thing i Noticed
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    Invitation code is hidden in Agreements terms.
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