What did happen to David Banks?

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So I heard about you cutting out a scene with Bank's horrible ending, we already saw Nedry and D-Caf's fate, but what happened to David? Especially since you said that his death would have pushed the game to M.


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    Well we know the scene was going to be investigating his death at the quarantine pens, so likely to be the Troodon or Raptors. And we saw what became of D-Caf with the troodon so we can imagine what we might've seen with that!
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    ^ just use your imagination if u know wat I mean ;)
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    I think he bribed the dinosaurs :rolleyes: and tried to get away with another set of embryos . However Laura found out about his secret agreement with the dinosaurs and pushed him into the lava . Or at least this is what she thinks had happened . But hey , sorry , if you want to know what really happened , you'll have to buy the sequel !
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    Maybe TellTale should tell us...

    They won't recieve an M rating for telling us what probably one of the coolest scenes was like....

    Anyone listening?
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