Where was the shaving cream can ?

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From the beginning I was so fascinated to find out what happened with the shaving cream can , that Dennis had put in the embryos in order to sell them . I was wondering that since I first saw the movie ! OK , now that I know what (really :D ! ) happened , I wonder about one detail . Where in the game is the can shown in the first place ? Did I miss it ? I mean , if you go in the game's page and watch the 3rd video you'll see that can rolling down the hill and falling into the mud , just like in the movie . But the game only takes place after that incident . So , was this footage actually shown in the game and I missed it ?




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    no, this was just a pre-rendered cutscene for the trailer of JPTG.

    the final game didn't show this scene, as well as some others from the trailer (like the lights at the fences going out...)
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    Yes , you are right ! That is another scene I noticed !
    Oh well , I guess those scenes are from the sequel !
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    At the end It ether gets crushed by a T-rex or the T-rex eats Nima along with it. At the beginning, It is shown Nima finding the Can.
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