So... Will Europe be Getting the game on Xbox LIVE Arcade?

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Now that Kalypso have cancelled the boxed release of the game on Xbox 360,
are Telltale going to put the game up on Xbox LIVE arcade for Europeans to buy?
Currently it is only on the U.S. Xbox LIVE Arcade, so us Europeans can't buy it (not if following the rules anyway).

So Tellatle, going to make it available on LIVe in Europe?


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    I guess that's a no then?
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    For your money's sake i hope they dont release it.
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    Is it just me, or has there been an increase in...begging on the forums ever since Telltale went casual? It seems like everyone (me included, I confess) has shit to demand from them all of a sudden. Some of the stuff I can understand ("Put BttF on the 360." Or, you know, "Make adventure games again"), but some of the requests have just been...insane. ("Give us free Steam codes for Jurassic Park! I demand a second, identical version of this game I already own!")

    Anyway, OP, Jurassic Park (probably) isn't coming to the 360 in Europe. I mean, I don't work for Telltale, so I guess anything's possible, but I wouldn't count on it. Especially since Telltale really doesn't like XBLA (then again, they're apparently going to use it for The Walking Dead). If it's really that important you play this game, I suggest you download it from the PC (which is region-free), or get it on the European PSN.

    Or, even better, you can just watch a playthrough of the game on YouTube. You wouldn't be missing out on much.
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    I wouldn't really call asking if a game that has seen a north American xbox release will get a European one is begging.
    It's a fair assumption to make that it would be released across all regions,
    As is the case with more or less all games.
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