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Besides official tie in games has anyone tried any of the various more recent mods? I tried out Jurassic life (half life 2 mod) but there don't seem to be many that ever saw release.Since I'm working on my own thought it might be interesting to check some others out.Noticed that there's a Farcry 2 map,does anyone know any other ones that came out using modern game engines?


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    I would LOVE if someone made an accurate tour of Jurassic Park.... Only actually have the dinosaurs show up.
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    Jurassic life was never released, it was just a demo-map.

    None of the mods were ever finished and none of them ever will be. I pity everyone who waits for it...
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    Sadonicus wrote: »
    Jurassic life was never released, it was just a demo-map.

    None of the mods were ever finished and none of them ever will be. I pity everyone who waits for it...

    I tired the demo map for Jurassic life it was pretty good environment and they still seem to be working on it, I think the last update was January.Everyone I'm sure hits the same stumbling block of the dinosaurs/AI,if another Jurassic park gets made (which is inevitable I think) I'm sure it will spur more teams into making attempts.I don't know how far my own project will go but releasing some sort of demo is my main goal.
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    Jurassic Life and Return to Jurassic Park are both still in production and have recently updated. And after the foul taste Telltale's game left in my mouth (not even including the fact that they didnt even bother to support/patch the game) I'd say either one of these guys is in a much better position to do the Jurassic Park IP justice than 'Jurassic Park: The Game'.
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    to all those, who arent familiar with the Jurassic Park mods:

    Jurassic Life

    It's a modification for Half Life 2.
    "In this adventure, you are Robert Muldoon, the person in charge of the safety of the park. The game will proceed in a relatively linear but intense way with Resident Evil inspired management of the stress."

    "Actually it will be like a side story which includes several scenes from the original film. The story plays out at the timeframe seen in the first movie."









    Visitor Center: Structure is a demo map, which is available for download since 2005. There's a walkthrough on youtube of it: watch it.

    Official homepage: http://www.jurassic-life.game-lab.com

    On Mod Database: http://www.moddb.com/mods/jurassic-life
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    Then there's

    Return to Jurassic Park

    This is a modification for Crysis.
    "After the incident in 2001, the UN decided to destroy both Islands,
    Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.

    But Tim Murphy who is now manager of inGen wants to save them.
    He knows that the animals on Isla Sorna made a natural population
    without human intervention. Now he wants to prove that the
    dinosaurs on Isla Nublar are still alive and aren't any danger to human beings.

    But there are other interests on this Island aswell..."









    There's a little animation for the compy: watch it

    On Mod Database: http://www.moddb.com/mods/rtjp
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    And finally someone decided to remake Trespasser with Crysis.








    No homepage available just this thread: http://www.crydev.net/viewtopic.php?f=353&t=85801&sid=cefc6e04fe4848a93f6f90573d196044
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    I think its going to take an unofficial game to make the most of Jurassic park,since telltales game wasn't a huge success there probably wont be any more big JP games for a while.If another film gets made we might get a tie-in game but there usually rushed out.
    These mods look so great I wonder how big the teams are on them and how consistent the progress is.The return to Jurassic park one has dinosaur models and walkcycle tests but I noticed they don't look like there in the game engine,the stills look like the same posed model in engine.
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