Jurassic Park:Trespasser remake game



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    Cool! Great news that you are going to use the original music! going to be the best game ever when it is finished!!!
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    Here's a link to the full flythrough of the environment,it's pretty long but its a big map!.Still some work in progress..
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    OOHHHH MYY GOD! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

    This is the greatest game ever!!!:D

    I had my mouth open on the floor through the whole video!:eek:

    This looks exactly as I hoped it would, the music! The GRAPHICS OMG!:cool:

    Great job on the dinosaurs, It felt like I was right in Jurassic Park!:)

    How did you do this???:confused: It's so perfect! So professional!

    Jurassic Park Trespasser Deserved a good remake and you made it possible! Thank you!

    So how have you been doing with the models of the weapons and such? Hope you add some other great weapons to this game and i'm glad you kept the nostalgia of the original. Sometimes when someone makes a remake they take too many stuff out, but you didn't take anything out and you made it better! That's a wonderful sign of a good level designer! GREAT JOB!;)
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    thanks,youtube compressed the vid so its a little jumpy (plus i had the draw distance set way too high).The music took ages to edit together,was a few different tracks from JP 1-JP3.
    The dinosaurs were just put in to show where they'll be eventually,I didnt make them or anything.I wish i had animated them a little more for the video but the skeleton rigs in them were no good for making them walk.
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    I have always dreamed to play a Jurassic park game where you could explore at your own pace so I loved the idea trespasser had, i didn’t like the clunky control but i could live with it until i got to the town, it felt so boring because it was... empty, nothing there made me want to explore the place.

    I think one of the things that pulled me off was that it seemed like even when people where fleeing the place they also had time to take all the furniture, equipment, gear and stuff with them, so the place was unrealistically empty and boring.

    I really like what you have done so far, i do hope you don’t stick too close to the original and go a bit beyond by adding detail that’s fun to watch and explore, maybe add things that could tell some background story, something like a room with some blood, so it can feel like something happened there, If you add something like a crib you can add emotions to the player and leave a story for the player to imagine, etc.

    If you see Fallout 3, it’s kind of empty, but the little details and the stuff you find make the place really fun to explore.
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    I agree with glenfx, Give it your own bit of magic and add things to the game.
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    You included the cable cars!!!! I've always said I thought cable cars would be awesome in a JP environment.
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    I love that feature TOO!!! Great addition Vagrantart. Because once you go up the hill to the visitors center you can activate the cable car and then you wouldn't have to go through the raptor infested forests to get to the visitors center when you go back and forth! Good One Vangrantart!
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    Sorry for lack of updates,I've been working a ton and haven't made a huge amount of progress besides some optimization.Put together a quick first person look video tonight just for fun-

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    Another Great Video! Make Sure You Make Third Person View As Well As First Person! If You Can. Keep Up The Good Work!
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    Just some quick images from messing about in Cryengine with the models i built for this project,I'm just starting to learn Cryengine so there pretty basic-
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    Here's what i put together from it,its basic (i'm a beginner to Cryengine)

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    Another great video Vagrantart, keep up the good work!!! Funny that the character is dwarf size!
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    That is freakin' amazing!

    Can't wait to see more!:)
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    Its looking really good, vagrantart!!
    Can you give us an estimate of when it will be released? Or even a date for when you will release a basic demo for us to see what the game is like so far??
    When you release it will it be free or will we have to pay?? :D
    I am a big fan of the origional trespasser agme and the jurassic park movies! Cannot wait to play it :D
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    I agree with sam, more info on this awesome game!!!
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    Any version will always be free to play (since its JP name).I honestly don't know when will be done.The Cryengine version was just a test (my first time using it basically),the Unity version is further along.As soon as I have some free time will try and make an update,had some new ideas on the project,but my aim is to get something out for sure at some point.
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    Cool, keep going Vagrantart, I can't wait for the release! THANKS FOR MAKING IT FREE!!!
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    a little teaser of things to come...(speed modelled in maya)...some major updates/changes coming soon.More info on my blog http://sharkswithjetpacks.blogspot.com/

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    looking really nice so far I've been thinking of trying to remake the town map in hammer source editor but im no good at outdoors's kinda maps :(
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    Find out more info on my blog - http://sharkswithjetpacks.blogspot.com/
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    You know what, this is actually looking really nice! I dont how long youve been working, but in that time you made more and better stuff than Jurassic Life has done for years, and yours even look like the movie-settings unlike their mod.

    Of course I'm still sceptical about JP-mods, but this really looks good. Like the logo, feels right :)

    About your videos, I cant watch them cause they are blocked in germany due to copyright issues about the music. Can you upload one without music?
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    you can see the video here - http://www.indiedb.com/games/jurassic-parkaftermath just scroll down

    I've been working on all these latest stuff for last few weeks,like you said I don't know if it will go anywhere - to the point of being finished but i'm aiming to release a section of this environment sort of as a tech demo in the near future at very least.
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    OH MY *************!!!! This is great!!! The raptors are awesome! ALso the guns look great! KEEP IT UP!
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    Very nice work!
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    Ok picture this: The game starts out with you as being Eric and Ben and it shows their "fun" parachute ride and it keeps on going till where the movie left off as in them crashing into the tree's and Ben getting stuck. From there it should go until Eric finds the Ingen lab and finds people who ended up stranded like him but because they wanted to hunt down, capture, and sell the dinosaurs on the island but it was a mistake. From there it should where they find Ben getting eaten, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus run, meeting the velociraptor's egg nest's, and last of all kind of a funny part but Eric getting T-Rex pee :p.Through that the survivors end up finding out that the boat Eric and Ben came on is repairable and so from their they venture to find parts. But through this all when they're about to get off the island and the boat is started up they get offshore and they meet some aquatic dinosaurs like lieplurodon or some other aquatic dinosaur and the boat is total and there's only two people left, Eric and another guy or girl. So they roam through the island trying to find shelter and they stumble upon the Spinosaurus' resting place and so from there it all leads up to you-Eric finding the water truck and theres where it ends or it could go till you save Dr.Grant.
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    Hi all,

    First of all; WOW :)

    I got a short question; is there a game/demo I can play (if so, where :))?

    I've found the following links but can't find any download:
    - http://www.indiedb.com/games/jurassic-parkaftermath
    - http://sharkswithjetpacks.blogspot.co.uk/
    - http://www.youtube.com/user/vagrantart?feature=watch

    Stoked ;)

  • You haven't updated in a while, how's jp: trespasser and aftermath coming along? Still working on the AI ? I do like some of the ideas the people in this blog have. To give trespasser a little background story to take our mind off the main story for little bits of times, that would be great. I hope for you to add more dinosaurs like compsognathus or dilophosaurus, or different species of raptor. I think adding a stealth mechanic would be cool, like you could grab a hold onto a tree and hide behind it to make it a little less possible for a Dino to find you. Or if you find a wall you could hide behind the corner of the wall. And I also agree with the other comment about the buildings being too empty, it would be pretty cool if you could fix that. Your work looks magnificent so far, I hope it's coming along well.

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    Sadlythe project is no longer developing but I thought I would share some re-done final footage from the engine engine-

  • Why aren't you developing it any more! NOOO! Please finish making this remake game of trespasser! It looks great already, you can't just dump it away. When will you continue working on it?

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    Alt text

    More info coming soon

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    That is Sooo COOLL! This picture alone is beautiful and gives me Jurassic Park Nostaliga! Nice Going!

  • I set up a facebook page for the project,if anyone wants to check out the progress https://www.facebook.com/jurassicparkaftermath

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    (Jaw stays on floor for a whole day while reading this message) Holy S****! YOu finally made the demo! That's soo cool! Does it include all of the features that you have shown so far on your Facebook. That's so cool, thank you for making this!

    Edit: wait is this just your old tresspasser project. If it is when are you going to release a working demo of Jurassic Park: Aftermath. Sorta Confused.

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    I stopped working on the trespasser version,it's been sitting on my computer for a long time so released it even though it's a unfinished mess.The cryengine version I'm working towards release,that's similar in that it's unlikely it will ever be finished but it's a lot more advanced and polished but you will be able to at least try it out.No set date but sometime in the near future.
    Here's some render's of what I'm working on at moment

    Alt text
    Alt text

    Jurassic#2 posted: »

    (Jaw stays on floor for a whole day while reading this message) Holy S****! YOu finally made the demo! That's soo cool! Does it include all

  • That's cool, you really know how to make the level official. The demo is great but there's nothing to do. Does the rail car work or does it not move. Because in a video of the tresspasser level you showed it moving. Good work on the Aftermath one, it looks really cool!

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    The rail car originally worked but was glitchy,I didn't have time to fix a lot of the error's so had to take some things out like that and a few dinosaurs I had.Update on the bunker...
    Alt text

    Jurassic#2 posted: »

    That's cool, you really know how to make the level official. The demo is great but there's nothing to do. Does the rail car work or does it

  • That's okay, that was a test level for the new Aftermath level your building for anyways. Keep up the good work.

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