Jurrassic Park The Game is an awesome mini series, terrible game.

edited April 2012 in Jurassic Park
I must say I loved Jurrassic Park the Game, but I hated playing it...I loved the story and the characters and thought it was an absolutely wonderful sequel to the original film. However, I hated the way the game played. I'm not a huge fan of QTE, but I love when it works correctly(Heavy Rain), sadly it did not in Jurrassic Park. I really really wish that there was an option to just watch the game. Like we had in Sam & Max seasons 1 and 2. As a mini-series I loved it, and my family who watched me play it(but did not play themselves) loved the game. If someone edited together the game as a film/mini-series I would love to download/watch it(as I already own the game). I really wish Telltale would start releasing those cutscene reel type tracks as bonuses again, they were easily my favorite part of the boxed copies at the end of the seasons. I love listening to the comentaries, but sometimes I just want to watch the story again. Especially with something like Jurassic Park the Game where the gameplay really doesn't do anything to change how the story goes, all the gameplay really does is decide whether or not you get to see a death cutscene.

I love Telltale, and am still glad I purchased the game, just wish I could just watch it instead of play it :P
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