The best of the best freeware adventures

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Let's talk freeware adventure. Now, you may be thinking ,"Freeware= Cheap Crap" This is not so because
1. Freeware can be great quality.
2.It's not cheap, it's free.
Although freeware can be riddled with spyware, and is normaly "Crap" there are those out there who do a great job and bring us great adventure games. That's why this thread is dedicated to those freeware programmers and the great games they produce.
Games like Out Of Order,Hungry Software, or Apprentice 1 and 2, herculeaneffort,( you can add to the list if you want.) So what do you guys think of freeware and what're favourites?

The list

Name | Developer | Download

Out of Order | Hungry Software |
Apprentice 1/2 |Herculean Effort Productions|
The Lure | Revolution studios |
BSS | Revolution studios |
MM Deluxe| LucasFanGames |
New Zak M | LucasFanGames |
5 Days a stranger| Ben Croshaw |
7 Days a skeptic| Ben Croshaw |
Kings Quest 1/2 | AGDInteractive|
Broken Sword 2.5| Inofficial Fangame|


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