Free Adventure game - Really quite good.

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It's called "What makes you tick?" and it can be found here: -

There might already be a thread about this, or you might have seen it on Mix n Mojo.

I found this to be very enjoyable, taking me back to classic Lucasarts adventure games.

There's no voice acting, but the characters, story, artwork and gameplay keep you playing right to the end.

Oh.... and there's LOTS of inventory to play with.

This was created on the LASSIE engine. Their official site is here where you can find a collection of other bits and bobs to play: -



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    Wow, that looks excellent!!! I hope that now since he released his work, people will work with him to create voice overs for the game. :)
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    Yeah, that looks very good for a free game. Plus you accumulate inventory so easily it almost feels like a parody. Good stuff!
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    Actually there are some items there that look near like something else. Well, two to be exact.
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    That was quite fun - not very difficult, but it had a nice, classic feel to it. I liked the nods to Monkey Island, especially the guy whistling bits of the theme tune!

    One thing that annoyed me -
    I DID think to look under the doormat, but it wouldn't let me until Dr Whatsits turned up!! :p
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