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Hi, all! I'm Kedri. If you visit the Myst forums or the blog here, you might recognise me. Anyway, I finally got around to registering here, so I can express my inner Max a lot more easily now.

Well that's funny. I suddenly have an inexplicable urge to de-hypnotize something...


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    Welcome! Didn't I see you on WMI as well?
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    ...and I check World of MI often, but rarely post. I signed up to report a Guybrush sighting in the KQ3 remake.
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    Hiya! Always good to see a new member :)
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    Yay! So if my plagiarizing of your plagiarizing of some people on GameFAQs (who may or may not have been plagiarizing someone else) got you to post, I totally count that as a success...

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    You also stole credit for my discovery of the Episode 6 info on Gametap, if you'll remember. ;P
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    New (posting) members are always good. :)
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