Telltale at the Games Convention?

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Is Telltale going to be at the Games Convention in Germany?
Would be great to see some of S&M Season 2 there :)

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    I wonder if they'll be at wonder-con.

  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    We've had a panel at wonder-con the last few years, and even if we don't, I imagine that we'll at least be wandering around the con!
  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    Nope, we won't be at the Games Convention this year. We wanted to go, but it's at the same time as PAX and we're already committed to having a booth and doing a panel there.

    JoWood will be at the Games Convention promoting the Season One localizations. Their booth should be pretty cool, plus they'll have the Sam & Max costume that we had at Comic-Con!
  • MelMel
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    JoWood will will be giving something away there as well! :D
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    To be honest, to repair the damage done to their image (which was never the greatest, Soldner...) after what happened with the Gothic 3 catastrophe, they would gave to give that PC away to every customer :)
    I sure hope this won't repeat itself with Sam and Max. In my and many others opinion, Jowood just took over the title for worst publisher from EA after Gothic 3.
    If I make it to GC this year I will visit their booth though ;)
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    Never figured out what went so wrong with Gothic 3. Haven't played that far into it, but it still seems a bit weird to control, like Gothic 2, but that'd be a design decision JoWood didn't have much to do with.
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