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I was just wondering if Telltale had any plans to experiment with Transgaming's Cider to try to bring Telltale games to Intel Macs. Sure, many Intel Mac users with have Bootcamp and can run Telltale games in Windows, but since Telltale is trying to appeal (and I assume succeeding) to a more casual audience who wouldn't necessarily want Windows or have the know-how to install it on their Mac, it might be a cheap and relatively effective way to open up the Mac market to your games.


  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    I first heard about Cider fairly recently, and I'm not sure if the tech guys have given it any thought. Looks like a cool application. There are a lot of Mac fans in the office, so bringing the games to Mac is definitely on the wish list.
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    I was wondering the exact same thing. I just got a Macbook so finally got to play the Bone games thanks to Bootcamp. It was so great to play them but having to reboot the machine to play stopped me from diving in as frequently as I would if it were native.

    When I heard about Cider my first hope was that the Telltale games might make use of it.

    Even if I couldn't use my current key to play it, I think there's a pretty good chance I'd buy a OS X native copy - how lazy does that make me ;)
  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    In addition to Cider, the people who make Parallels Desktop have said that they're planning on massively improving their 3D support in upcoming versions. With so many different people working on game-oriented windows virtualization solutions for Intel Macs, it's surely a matter of time before something comes along. Who knows when that will be though... Regardless, we're watching closely!
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