Happy New Year

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I wish you all a happy new 05 and especially a promising new year for Telltale and its game(s).


Btw, don't forget to check out the interview with Telltale on Telltaled.vze.com and spread the word across the net...


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    Happy New Year Everyone!
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    Yeah, Happy New year. Hope it is going to be better than 2004, looking back in terms of news it's been pretty bad.
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    maybe the news in 4 years....
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    Happy new Year?
    Forget about the game with "the dog & the rabbit",
    here comes ano other one:
    Starring a psychotic rat, a dog, a rabbit, tentacles and ...
    ...many more

    best regards
    and a
    happy new year
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    whats that :D
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    whats that :D

    a hit of acid
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    Happy New Year everyone. I have to thank everyone on the forum for their support, having all of you active on our forums is informative and of course very entertaining.

    I know we haven't been talking much lately, but we have been working! constantly to lay the foundation for what will be a very exciting 2005.

    Have a great New Year and don't except any funky eggnog
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    Is it 2005 already? *Rubs his eyes*

    Happy Nude Rear!
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