Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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Anyone else pick up this game last week? I've been playing it almost non-stop since I got it. I really like it, it's different and not at all like BF2 as others would compare it to.

If you're playing online on any of the West Coast servers and happen to see the GDF soldier 'Mack Daddy' blasting the Strogg be sure to say "Hi".


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    I played the demo a lot but i switched to the 'free' and more arcade style Team Fortress 2.

    (I say free because i bought the orange box for HL2:e2 and portal)
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    Oh I'm gonna play TF2 also! I pre-ordered the orange box but never downloaded the beta for TF2. I just got off of work and am downloading the whole 'orange' package now.

    Yeah, ETQW would be more tactical based team play than straight arcade run and gun. You can't just run around and shoot people because there are different objectives and scenarios that have to be met or your team will lose. It's kind of like the differences I've heard people talk about between 'DoD:Souce' (which I play a lot also) which has more arcade driven WWII gameplay and 'Red Orchestra' which is a more realistic simulation.

    So many games, so little time...
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    I tried the demo. Pretty amusing...and...creepy...
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    i've been playing a few rounds with bots now and since i'm not getting lost on the maps anymore, i might try a little online play this week..
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    Yeah, there's a bit of a learning curve at first (I got lost on some of the maps too) but once you figure out your "role" in all the mayhem and start to get a feel for the battle at hand and what needs to be done it really becomes a lot more fun.
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    okay, i played a few times...and damn i suck. usually i'm no. 1 teamkiller.
    why can't the other fellas stay away from the tank when i'm firring rockets at it..and why do the spy guys have to look the same as the dudes from my team right next to them?:rolleyes:
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    #1 Teamkiller?? Hah! Yeah they have some funny stats. Oh, and I hate those covert-ops guys who disguise themselves and then run around with your team stabbing everybody in the back! Once they're found out though....Bam!!!
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