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I have to do a project about Atlantis for a history class and have decided to use clips of parts from Indiana Jones and the Fate of atlantis as my section for my group. i was thinking of simply taking in my laptop and loading certain sections, then explaining them as they went, but apparently people respond better to movies. So, my question is... does anybody know any good(free) video capture(or whatever the term is actually called if not that) methods?


  • jmmjmm
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    FRAPS is a good starting point
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    I installed it and it sounds perfect, but it doesn't seem to work? Like F9, and nothing happens.

    Edit: It seems to be working now. Edit: it won't work during the game apparntly, but it will work on the desktop sometimes.
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    Sometimes FRAPS doesn't like it when you go fullscreen in a game. Maybe try playing the game in windowed mode. I'm vaguely aware you can size the video capture area as well.
  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    FRAPS generally only records windows which are using DirectX to draw in some capacity, if I'm not mistaken? I don't think they'll just capture "whatever's on screen." A good indicator of whether or not FRAPS is capable of recording a window is whether or not the framerate counter is appearing in one of the corners.
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    I know some people on another forum I go on use Camtasia, but I don't know if that'll record everything that's happening on screen.
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