Where the Hell is Max?

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I was playing with Google Maps today while waiting to find out if I had to be evacuated from the fires. I like to look at small islands in satellite view. Well, I was looking at West Samoa which is a hint within itself, when I discovered something strange.
Did you see it?
Did you? This is it.

I thought "Wow, that looks a lot like... well.."

I thought this could be a fun game.
Play around on Google Maps and see if you can find bits of Max in there.
Do you know Where the Hell Max is?:D


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    Well, I didn't find a Max, but can anyone guess what this is:





    Give up?

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    I could see it too, even before seeing Purple Tentacle overlaid on top of it. Nice find!
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    haha fun game
  • jmmjmm
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    I wonder if this is step one on his plan to "Take on the World"
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    jmm wrote: »
    I wonder if this is step one on his plan to "Take on the World"

    Must be a pretty lousy plan then. :p

    Man, now I wanna play too, sadly I'm stuck with this crappy laptop which can't run anything from the last decade properly.
    It strikes me that I will probably not get my "real" pc done 'til the release of Sam & max. So on that release day I'll be a sad panda...
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