Trying to remember some old adventure games

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Hi guys, I'm trying to work out the name of two obscure adventure games that I played sometime in the mid nineties.

The first was one that was themed about toxic waste and was generally quite dingy looking. It was first person, and you moved around with the arrow keys, picking up and combining items in the usual adventure way. The graphics were quite mad looking, lots of pixels and over-sized items. The box for the game had a big picture of a cartoon person on the back with a description of the game-playing interface. There is a chance the name might have begun with 'n'...

The second was to do with 'Around the world in 80 days' (and was probably named something similar). The graphics were quite conservative, and it was a serious sort of game, but with the odd joke in here and there. It closely followed the story of the book, and at one point you end up going underwater in a sub (maybe the 'nautilus').

Its wrecking my head lads, can anyone help me to remember the titles? I'd love to play through them again for a bit of nostalgia...


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