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Can anyone think of good, relatively new songs that would work well in a friendship slideshow for high school students? They could be either slow or fast paced, and preferably relate to themes of "togetherness," "friendship," "youth," or politics.

Thanks! I have to put together this slideshow, but I'm kinda out of touch with what the kids are listening to these days. I appreciate the feedback from anyone who takes the time to respond...


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    The theme tune to The Odd Couple. Everyone loves The Odd Couple!
    Tu doo too doo too dooooo - to do doooo to do toooo do dooo.
    Ok, I guess not.

    "We're Going To Be Friends" by The White Stripes is quite good.
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    How about the theme song from "Friends"?

    (See? I'm "hip" to you young'uns, with your Tom Jones and your discotheque dances at the malt shops and your Osmond Variety Hours!)
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    For the prom-video I've made with a friend (wow, that was almost 8 years ago...) we've used "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day and "Won't Forget These Days" by Fury in the Slaughterhouse. So probably not "new" enough...
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