Ank gone!?

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I no longer see Ank on the store, nor can I down load it from the Telltale Games site. Does this mean this game I bought is borked if I loose the original install or run out of activations? I suppose it's time to commit it to a CD so I don't loose it with a HD failure.

It was my understanding that games would be available until TellTale went out of business, which wouldn't be any time in the near future.


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    If you look on the main page it says they'll be back in 2008.
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    You haven't lost your game, don't worry. They're just missing from the site for now.
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    OH! wow didn't even see that grayed out text. You have a good eye! Thanks :D
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    Do you mean Ankh, there offical web site is here.
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    Anyone who bought Ankh (or any other third party game) can redownload here. The fact that it's grayed out in your purchases is just due a little bug that we'll be fixing, but if you did have a download button, it would be pointing to the Find My Order page anyway.
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