And on a completely different note... (DS adventure games)

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I was playing about on a Nintendo DS a little while ago and suddenly thought: Wow! you could actually make some pretty cool adventure games on this thing.

Sure you've got the obvious idea of inventory management and stuff but what about some of the other cool stuff?

Lets stop and imagine for a little while... Pretend you're playing some sort of game where you have to copy someones signature on something. Rather than finding someone else to do it you could have a go yourself! Or maybe you want to open someones lock on a house or something. Get yourself some lockpicking tools then actually fiddle about yourself to try and get the lock undone! Or how about the microphone? you might need to get someones attention but can't risk being overheard. You could try whispering into the mic until you get just loud enough for them to notice you but not too loud to attract unwanted attention.

Besides which, they graphics could allow from some SCUMM styled games or even some semi-3D games!

Games can definitely work on a hand-held. Anyone played 'The Fish Files'? If not click here. Not the best adventure game ever but it worked, and worked pretty well.

If people did make adventure games for the Nintendo DS... well, they might not become classic games but they would be different and probably a hell of a lot of fun if made right.


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    There is currently one Adventure game coming out for the DS, it is Called Another Code. It uses the same ideas that you talk about: for instance one puzzle requires you to use the touch screen to wipe dust off of a mirror or something. I can't wait! Also, the PsP is going to have an adventure game maker program, so that should be interesting
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    Ooh great - and Broken Sword worked pretty well on the Game Boy Advance I must say :)
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    Also, the PsP is going to have an adventure game maker program, so that should be interesting

    Bill Tiller has great interest in bringing A Vampyre Story to the Sony PSP, also. I'd rather play it on the PC, but still.
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    I think the DS is an ideal platform for adventure games. Moreso than the PSP. This is because of the stylus and touch screen making it relativly easy to implement a point and click interface. One on the PSP would be a little harder as it would have to be direct control and probably would be harder to use... Plus you wouldn't be able to do some cool puzzles made possible by the DS
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    in case nobody here knows yet... they have the scummVm running on the DS with monkey island so far... looks pretty fantastic, i may have to invest in a DS finally!

    and of course for other info!
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    Hey that looks pretty awesome! Hopefully that can be finished soon.
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    Unfortunatelly you must use special cartridges with appropriate card writers!
    Moreover big games like COMI won't fit in only 1 gigabit (about 120 MB) (1 gigabit is the capacity of nintendo ds cards).

    If you know how to install scummvm on Nintendo ds please let me (us) know!
    Thanks and ciao!
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    I've heard about the SCUMMVM emulation for DS, and am personally very excited about it! I may have to buy a DS now - being able to play Monkey Island portably would be great! :D

    Does anybody know a good place to find a good DS/GBA flash cartridge that I could buy? Thanks!
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    At this point I'd play ANYTHING on my psp. Dang thing is getting a think layer of dust.
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    hmm this thread has gone a bit stale... Anyway, I might be picking up a DS soon so yes I agree adventure games on the DS would be cool. Making use of the touch screen would be a touch....
    Some games such as .... damn I got side tracked... watched a preview of that new star wars game: empire at war. I wasn't too sure from the preview but the voice for vader didn't sound like james earl jones.... If it isn't his real voice I'm going to feel so ripped off. If he can do long distance adverts he can do this game. ... anyway as I was saying phoenix wright: ace attourney has got great reviews and is an adventure game.
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    There is another great adventure game for the DS. It's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

    I just finished it a couple weeks ago. I wouldn't have put it down if my wife didn't want a turn as well. It has a great cast of characters and is very funny (which is ironic figuring it deals mostly with murder cases.)

    If you are looking for a good game, I suggest picking it up. My only gripe is that once you are done, there is little incentive to play it again.

    (just read your post Alucard, looks like you mentioned this already. Oops!)
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