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I finally had time to stop by and check this out. Read the good review of Sam and Max in the NY Times. I checked out the Bone game a while back as well. So here's my question. What works on the Mac and what doesn't? I didn't exhaust myself looking for that info, but I did look at the purchase screens, at least the first level or two. Which games are Mac Playable?

Anyway, great looking stuff, and thank the gods that Same and Max are still around to entertain. I still have my old Sam and Max game and package from like 10 years ago from Lucas Arts. Just couldn't part with it.

-Mark Fearing


  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    At the moment our releases are Windows-only, I'm sorry to say. They do play under Boot Camp if you have an Intel-based Mac, of course. :(
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    Nice pictures, by the way. :)
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    Bummer on the Windows only, but I understand. When I get time I might just try and fire up one of the windows emulations and give sam and max a run! And Guybrush, thanks for the compliment.
  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    Boot Camp works. Parallels doesn't always work due to the copy protection we use, so be warned about that.
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