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Just wanted to let people know that I'm still alive. What has it been? Three weeks? Four since I last posted? Amazing. :p Well, it's been longer since I frequented the area, sadly.

So what can I, a Telltale fan short on cash do around here? :)


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    Huh. Short on cash is somewhat crippling...

    Otherwise I'd suggest you pick up the CSI games.

    But you can rip the music from Ice Station Santa for free.

    1. Download demo at http://www.telltalegames.com/demo/icestationsanta
    2. Download extractor at http://quick.mixnmojo.com/downloads?download=TelltaleMusicExtractor1.1.zip
    3. Run. Music files begin with "mus_", cutscene music with "env_"

    Maybe then you could help me translate the lyrics of this song.

    (blatant plug for my thread, which is dying again with no progress)
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    Awesome post, man. What else of ours can you rip for free that you'd like to post about?

    Really, there's nothing we can do about the music extractor, and I used Scumm Revisited to death back in the day, but pitching it as "you can rip stuff for free" implies that you're stealing from Telltale, and you're posting that on the Telltale board. Bold.
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    Sorry. I can delete it if you want, but I was definately under the impression that you didn't mind.
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    im thinking there is another soundtrack in the works man.. and wow . bold indeed ever hear of a private pm? or idk email off site? Cant say I dont do it to other things but I dont post about it.. esp on the makers forums lol
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    Fear not, for I am too honest to use that. :D

    I do plan on buying Season 2 soon, though. Then maybe next PAX, a soundtrack to go along with it. :)
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    I'm curious that if another soundtrack is made, will it include The Office and City Streets. I'm not sure but I think I noticed a small change in the Office tune.
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