Jurassic Park on Iphone

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im not sure but i have posted on this in the past. Im currently playing back to the future on Iphone, and I feel like jurassic park would be even better with its movement system. Seriously Telltale PLEASE make this happen lol, I'd would totally buy the game twice


  • Yeah really telltale. When I heard there was a Jurassic Park I was excited but I'm not going to buy an iPad just for that. You have all these other games on it why wouldn't you put Jurassic Park on the iphone.

  • I would love to buy this game for my iPhone too! I own a macbook retina and an iPhone 5s. As you can see I love Apple but I don't want or need an iPad so give us iphoneers some love :) Pretty please. We buy all your other games :)

    PS: Thanks for all your brilliant and hard work Telltale

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