Character Appreciation Thread

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Having recently replayed this game, I just want to say that Telltale did a truly grand job at creating, casting and writing the supporting cast of characters. All of them are hilarious and lovable, with the interactions between them a joy to behold. It's a tragedy really that we only spent four episodes getting to know them. Appen, watching Winny Gabberly is like talking to someone's real life Northern gran. Major Crum is, well, a comedy schizophrenic. And Prudence Flitt is a hilariously over the top spinster, and she stole the show despite having such limited screentime.

But the real jewel in the crown has to be Constable Dibbins. So much depth to his personality, with his arrogance and beauracratic dedication to duty hiding a sense of childish, bitter resentment. He's like Arnold Rimmer in clay form, the daft ha'p'orth. And the voice actor was clearly having the time of his life performing as Dibbins.

Anyone have a favourite character from Grand Adventures? ...If you can remember playing it?


  • Constable Dibbins was definitely one of the best of the new set of characters. I also quite liked Mrs. Gabberly. I liked how she got some character development in the series. She went from being assertive when her husband teased her but nervous when teased by non-family, to being assertive and able to stick up for herself with the (accidental) help of Wallace in The Last Resort. :)

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