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Will other telltale games migrate to the PSVita pls?


  • Depending on how sales of The Walking Dead do on the PlayStation Vita, their newer games might be ported over, but it's unlikely the older games will.

  • I would also be interested in this game for vita. Since it's already on the PSN and the vita has virtual l2 and r2 buttons I'd think the only thing stopping them would be that general interest is low so I'm just showing some love.

  • I bought this for PS3 as I'm a huge JP fan. If TellTale put some polish (work on framerate and audio glitches) on the game and ported it to PSV, perhaps to boost sales around the time the new movie release summer of 2015, then I would definitely pick it up.

    I already bought Walking Dead Season 1 on my PSV and loved it. I have Walking Dead Season 2 preordered and could potentially buy The Wolf Among Us on PSV as well. As there is little other content coming and TellTale seems on a role of producing quality games, the PSV could potentially become my TellTale system.

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