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  • Fuck that shit. She still doesn't have what Bruce Campbell has: a BOOMSTICK!

    That's not a dick joke, just so you know.

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    Even if she does the same thing next time, we still have this:

  • But seriously though, has anybody even played these games? It'd be the perfect IP for Telltale to expand upon!

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    Yeah, that about sums it up...

  • I may be the only one...but given Telltale's already existing LucasArts tie-ins....Full Throttle? Please??


  • You know, considering that Telltale is collaborating with gearbox to make a Borderlands game, I think another video game IP that Telltale should tackle should be one of these.

    • Mass Effect: considering how Bioware's Sci-Fi epic is also about making moral choices, I think telltale could create an excellent prequel, spinoff, or continuation of the famous Mass Effect Trilogy.

    • Grand Theft Auto: I think if Telltale created a Grand Theft Auto game which focuses on choices that can effect how others perceive you, it would probably not be such a controversial game.

  • I made an account just to suggest that after Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, Doctor Who would be the PERFECT next game to be developed. How pleasantly surprised am I to find that there are already like minded people making that same suggestion. And i do agree, this is probably the only way a Doctor Who game could be made properly.

    I started an account on the site for the sole purpose of agreeing with you! Doctor Who has exploded as a cultural phenomenon in recent years.

  • I'm a big Harry Potter fan. That's why I would love if Telltale would make a game about some boy/girl who goes to Hogwarts. "Tales from the Hogwarts". It would be like years later when Harry Potter left there. Telltale is the only game company that would make that game so f*cking awesome.

  • If TellTale don't announce a Breaking Bad game by 2016... I.. will be butthurt and mad, I guess..? I'm not very good at this.

  • This...all day long!

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    Discworld. Terry Pratchett's held back from licensing another game, saying none of the proposals he's had have been right for the series. Th

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    If Telltale doesn't announce an Evil Dead game by 2014, I will tear their tonsils out, I'll gouge they're eyes out, I'll mash their faces, I'll...

    Moe: Shaddup, porcupine.

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    Just to trow in something probably unthought of (I hope).

    TellTale should do BBC's Sherlock. I wouldn't expect Benedict Cumberbatch for the voice or anything, though if GOT is a hit then why not? He's a Brit, they know not to be too grasping and he loves the series.

    In any event, they'll only end up doing 9 episodes on TV and there is so much more Sherlock to be had. For one thing I'd love to see "The geek interpretor" case eluded to in series 2 episode 1 (and written up in the link) played out in a game. The Geek Interpritor. Official BBC site

    Also Sherlock in cliff-note detective mode has TellTale written all over it.

    If you've seen BBC's Sherlock, then you know I'm right. If you haven't, then for god's sake see BBC's Sherlock.

  • Who wants The Doctor?!?

    Alt text

  • I do believe that Telltale should make a game based on Jeff Smith's new comic RASL. It doesn't matter to me weather it's done like The Walking Dead, or as a traditional point-and-click game. Just... make a RASL video game. I thought the Bone games were pretty good, and I would love it if they would finish them, but I would be much more excited for a RASL game. I can't imagine it working any other way than as an adventure game. It's a great comic and I would love to see it adapted for some kind of visual media. Please please PLEASE make a RASL video game. I will love you even more than what I do now.

  • Silent Hill, cuz there hasn't been a good one in a long time.

  • I've given this a lot of thought and I would have to say that despite how much I would enjoy playing a doctor who or dexter, hell even a cowboy bebop game. I have to say the dresden files would make a perfect fit for TellTales style of gameplay and storytelling. In fact the investigations and the conversations, as well as the combat in "Big Bad Walks Among Us" almost sates my desire for a Dresden Files game. If you've ever read Jim Butcher's books or the comics you'll know what I mean. There is also a lot of room between the books and comics for stand alone and thrilling stories without breaking canon.

    If you've never read the Dresden Files I'll give you a spoiler free break-down. Dirty Harry Dresden is a hardboiled Chicago Detective one week from retirement . . . wait sorry about that wrong story.

    Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a blue collar wizard as well as a P.I. in real world Chicago, his number is in the phonebook under wizard. Whenever a supernatural something-or-other that may or may not go bump in the night starts running amok, Harry steps in and uses wizardly abilities to set things straight. But Magic doesn't solve everything and Harry ends up making mistakes and bad decisions that end up weighing heavily on him. He also has a tendency to lose his temper violently and all over the place, when faced with situations like his friends being in mortal peril. He has friends within the Chicago P.D.'s Special Investigations Unit, that frequently call him in for "consultations". Like how did the victim's skeleton become removed without damage to their skin? Oh and there's a talking skull named Bob, or as I like to call him pervy exposition, seriously the skull is a horn dog.

    His bombastic magic is primarily Fire and a more focused Force Push, for lack of a better term. While he uses subtler magics for things like tracking spells. Once again the telltales gameplay would fit perfectly as getting spells wrong can cause backlash. Harry's magic comes from within him and there is a limit to how long and how much magic he can use before he's burnt out. So say you force flipped a car onto a monster in the first episode, you may be all tuckered out "heh tuckered . . .sorry" by the third episode. So you'd have to really consider the consequences of what you do in a dire situation early on, as you may screwed by the end. And let me tell you Harry gets the crap kicked out of him often for that very reason.

    Ok, I'm gonna stop right there, "mah bad" didn't realize how much I wrote. But can you see how this would make a great fit for a TellTale game? "The Wolf" is a great noir-esque murder-mystery detective story and so is the dresden files, and that's the thing, because of the similarities between the two the theme may begin to feel stale. But hey if the shoe fits, buy two pairs or something like that.

  • Scream: A telltale games series. That would be cool. It could be a mystery game of sorts with some "dodge the knife" quicktime events.

  • I need a new season of Sam & Max.

  • I can't like this enough.

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    I need a new season of Sam & Max.

  • Blade Runner, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Dexter, Scooby-Doo, Leisure Suit Larry

  • Buffy the vampire slayer, boondock saints, supernatural, once upon a time.

    keep up the great work! =D

  • I would love a game set in the Alien universe, minus Prometheus (and Predators). Have it focused more on horror like the first film, rather than action like the second. Brand new cast and setting to keep it fresh. Wash out the bad taste Colonial Marines left, haha.

  • Telltale's gameplay seems like a perfect fit for Silent Hill, and I'm surprised no one but you mentioned it here. It almost seems as if Telltale's games were directly inspired by the mechanics of those classic survival horror games, so this is definitely a great choice. Moreso the advances in character expressions would make for a very emotionally changed game, not to mention the way Telltale handles combat, which is much less clunky than traditional Silent Hill combat, and so would make for some very tense moments.
    How I'd love to go from overcautiously creeping around a dead quiet hotel to looking up Shakespeare references to figure out a puzzle one more time...

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    Silent Hill, cuz there hasn't been a good one in a long time.

  • i would like a horror / terror game... to be different that the rest

  • Other than a lot of the things mentioned here, i would like some sort of Alice in Wonderland type of game.

    I'm not sure how they would make it interesting and add game play to it but i would love to see something Alice in Wonderland related with the art style of The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead! maybe with a darker twist to it.

  • For my idea I think Axe Cop would be a interesting choice. It would be like Sam and Max but sillier, If you dont know what Axe Cop is its a comic (and a cartoon show with 1 season) thats about a cop and his friends hunting bad guys to chop their heads off with their flying dinosaur with minigun arms, I think it could go back to the older telltale games with comedy and some great action. It weird but let me know what you think ;)

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    A Metal Gear Solid game. A spin-off or something, really think TTG could contribute to the MGS-series!

  • That could work, since the games are mostly stealth based.

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    A Metal Gear Solid game. A spin-off or something, really think TTG could contribute to the MGS-series!

  • I would LOVE an Axe Cop game from Telltale.

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    For my idea I think Axe Cop would be a interesting choice. It would be like Sam and Max but sillier, If you dont know what Axe Cop is its a co

  • Hunger Games maybe. Would be a bit tricky to make some intense combat, but the survival aspect could be interesting.

  • Dunno about you guys, but I would kill for a Full Throttle sequel from TTG. It was a hit from Lucas Arts on par with Monkey Island and Sam&Max, and the only reason sequel didn't work out back in time is because project leader, Tim Schafer, left Lucas Arts. I think TTG can do a great sequel even without his direction and I think Disney (current owner of Lucas Arts) would be stupid to turn down this game. What do you guys think?

  • Person Of Interest.

  • It seems the head of Telltale is interested in James Bond. I wonder...

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    I wouldn't take this as an actual hint. Even before they announced a lot of games after Walking Dead's success, Telltale has always shared "dream licenses" they would love to work with if they could. They did the same thing with Star Wars a while back on a Reddit AMA, but EA currently has the license so I've heard.

    It seems the head of Telltale is interested in James Bond. I wonder...

  • Yeah.

    Telltale Murder Mystery to be continued on Saturday evening.

  • Judge Dredd

  • You know what I think they should make?
    an Original game with their style of choices and what not.
    I'm thinking about something on real life? an event or something.. and make it something controversial
    Like the protagonist is gay and has a partner or something.
    They should base it on WW2 and have choices on how to properly survive the war.
    Maybe one episode can have you wasting your money on a nice meal to improve morale or get cheap food to save money ?
    Depending on choices it could come up to bite you in the ass, I.E what happend in TWAU episode 1 if you gave your friend money..

    btw, I created the thread mentioned in the OP's post.
    I came up with a doctor who suggestion .. xD

  • For those , i prefer they make the Star Wars or James Bond games , cause its series they really love and Im sure they would make it great cause they would put alot of effort in them. Personally i would love them to do that , but im the only one that likes Vampires / Werewolfs things ? There's not a good vampire game since Masquerade Bloodlines and Castlevania Lords of Shadows.. They could make one cool , and if based on Vampire Stories even better.

  • Telltale should make an "Archer" game. It already is a cartoon, so the artstyle is adaptable. It's funny, it's naughty, it's agents, it's awesome.

  • @Sejborg - Ah, I see someone saw the latest 'No Wrong Answer'. :p

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    Telltale should make an "Archer" game. It already is a cartoon, so the artstyle is adaptable. It's funny, it's naughty, it's agents, it's awesome.

  • No. I hate that "show". They should change the title to "stupid answers". I saw the thumbnail however. :-)

    @Sejborg - Ah, I see someone saw the latest 'No Wrong Answer'.

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