Sierra Adventure games?

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Since updates are slow, I was just wondering what everyones favorite Sierra Adventure games were....I know we all love LucasArts Adventure games, but Sierra had some pretty good ones. I'll start...

Roger Wilco in Space Quest IV


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    Grabriel Knight in err Gabriel Knight :)
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    the ones where you don't die by touching things. oh wait thats all of them. PQ3 wasn't too bad. I prefered this game called blue force but I forget who made it.
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    Space Quest 6 wasn't that bad. Who can forget Stooge Fighter 3?
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    Probably Gabriel Knight, any of the games really. Kings Quest is good too (except for Mask of Eternity)
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    I think it was space quest 6 or maybe it was 5. I'd play up to the point where I was to get into a ship ( in a junk yard type level) and was about to start it up and then I'd run out of ram and the game would crash. So I think I would have enjoyed it more had I been able to play all the way through it Good old 386 days
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    the police quest games definitely..2 and 3 were good..ha alucard! i got up to that same point in space quest 5 where you get stuck at the junk yard..
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    Kings Quest 7 was also a little bit of a let down, compared to the other games. I didn't understand why they would include the ability to jump to whatever chapter you wanted. Same thing with Torin's Passage. The Mask of Eternity wasn't a bad game by itself, but just the simple fact that they threw the King's Quest name on a game that had no right to bear it made the game an instant suck-fest.

    As for my favorite games, I would go with the Gabriel Knight series. It's just a pity that with Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned, Sierra created a new 3D engine that could have made their other adventure games play in a completely different way. imagine 3D Space Quest, or Kings Quest, running on the same gaming engine. Too bad they had to go and just forget about the adventure gamers.
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    the ones where you don't die by touching things. oh wait thats all of them.

    LOL, I like the ones that are funny... wait, that's none of them.

    GK1 was a great game. Unfortunately, GK2 and 3 weren't.
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    Gabriel Knight, Hands down.

    GK3 was iffy in spots, a lot of the puzzles weren't as integrated as they could have been.

    GK2 was great though. Definitely the best FMV game that came out of that whole craze (though that's not really saying much). But the story and locations were cool, and the acting was actually pretty good.

    I remember it annoyed me at first because I couldn't 'pick' what action I wanted to perform and it was all automatic, but then again cycling the right mouse button isn't exactly the epitome of gameplay.
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    Quest for Glory series (except the 5th game), although they featured some not-so-well-done type of RPG elements. The game had great strory though, nice seting and most importantly - one of the greatest comic characters in the history of adventure gaming: the wizard Erasmus.
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    The Bizzare Adventure of Woodruf and the Schnibble. I don't really know many people that have played it, but it is one of my favorites. It took place on a large mountain where the humans live after killing off most of it's inhabitants, a strange goblin-like species called the Bazooks. The story begins with a little boy, named Woodruf, who was adopted by the famous scientist Azimuth. Then the President's right hand man, the Big Wig, storms in and kidnaps Azimuth and shoots Woodruf's stuffed Teddy Bear into stuffing. Before Azimuth was taken he shoved some strange device onto Woodruf's head and hid him.

    Woodruff walks out of the house an adult and has lost his memory of the incident and of his adopted father. The story is of Woodruf and his search for Azimuth and eventually his wish to stop the opression against the last living Bazooks and get rid of the evil Big Wig.

    It's pretty hard too. I still have it along with King's Quest V and all of the Space Quest games. Torin's Passage is pretty good too.

    Edit: Oh, and the Schnibble in the title is a savior Azimuth created to give the struggling Bazooks hope for the future.
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