F.A.Q. Question's Origins

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Was it the questions in the forum about American humour that sparked the following F.A.Q. question?
You guys are American, right? How can we be sure you won't mess this up?

Yes, we're American. But we love Wensleydale!


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    Ah, but do you love Wensleydale on crackers?

    More on-topic: That's what I thought when I read it too. :)
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    It might very well be the only ACTUALLY frequently asked of the questions in the FAQ!
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    It's tough when you have to write the FAQ before the game has been announced! Sometimes we do creative guessing.

    But yeah, that question actually did stem from the fact that a few people had mentioned it (here and elsewhere). We do pay attention to that stuff!
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    This thread makes me think of Good Omens.
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    Good Omens is a fantastic book. Its voice is classic Pratchett, too.

    I do think there are a lot of Americans who get, and can write, British style humour. I've had editors tell me that a few of my stories read a lot like Pratchett, for instance. So it's definitely possible for a Yank to capture that British spirit and sense of humour. :)
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