International posting now costs less than actual products!

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At last, I now can actually buy Telltale products at a sensible price. Sure, I still have to times the price by two to find out just how much something is going to cost but hey, at last I can buy the Sam and Max shirt and get it sent over to NZ for less than $100. As $100 is considerably more than I would like to pay for a medium sized shirt... Unless the shirt is crafted from gold... Is it crafted from gold? Because that would mean it was a bargain at the price that it was and even more so now. I would also pay $100 for a shirt if it was used to strangle whosoever it is that cancelled Sam and Max 2 and Full Throttle 2 at Lucasarts. Possibly even more than $100.


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    9.95 in shipping? What was the shipping cost before? (A bit humourous.. Shipping costs more than the game, for those who has ordered it before.)
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    I know a lot of others offering shipping as low as $3.
    If that could work, I'd buy a lot more. (I haven't bought anything now because of the high shipping cost).

    I wanted that Bone package with the comics and the sam and max t-shirt so much:(
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    are you serous..$3 for shipping? in my experience it normally goes up to about $20 for shipping in most places.. if I wanted to send a parcel from australia to the US it would cost me $10.. I don't see how you could send books and a dvd box for $3..even amazon would average abt 15-20 for that
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    Yeah, I bought a CD through the internet, and it said $3 dollars went to shipping. This was from an indie musician in the States.
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    I've also seen companies ship a product for $4 outside the states.
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    it all depends on the weight of the package, i've been punching out estimates of the weight of ten cd's, twelve vinyl records and five cassettes so many times i can do it in my sleep. well, not exactly that exact number, but you get my point. so that i don't send over too little/much money.

    i'm guessing digital river (which i suppose handle the orders), are using a flat rate, one where they sometimes pay less for shipping the items out than they charge from the customer, and sometimes pay more, depending on the weight, but it evens out over time. or they have a deal on a flat rate with usps or something? ok, now i'm starting to ramble and hallucinate, so i'll stop here.
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