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So I had been artistically been visioning for my pitch on what Telltale Games' next video game should be called "The Filmmaker That's Trains To Become A Superhero". So this game that I'm pitching to Telltale Games has more than just original characters and copyrighted characters but also characters based on real people. I would like it to have several seasons for this game I'm pitching.

Here's how the story goes:

Story for season one:
So there's a young adult that is an upcoming filmmaker for Lucasfilm and a person that has other dreams of being a superhero name Brandon Salazar. He receives a call from his mom saying that someone was at his house stealing stuff. Brandon has to train to become a superhero by starting as a cop and working his way up until he's completely a superhero in order to find the person who robbed his house. Brandon will meet with other hero legends to teach him to fight like a man.

Story for season two:
Brandon Salazar is now 33 and his continues off with his mom missing and he is with his cousins Mandy and Mike Chen on the search to find his mom. Brandon will continue to make friends and meet other heroes as he continues his journey.

Story for season three:
It is getting close to the year of 2036 and must prepare to face off with the end of time and save the earth once and for all. He also becomes a guardian of 5 kids name George, Jack, Ivy, Tate and Lou after their parents were killed in a car accident. It'll be up to Brandon to keep the kids safe.

Story for season four:
The kids named George, Jack, Ivy, Tate and Lou are on their own after Brandon giving up his life to save the earth. The kids must train to become the next generation of superheroes.

Story for season five:
George and Ivy are the last kids to seal away all villains in Hell forever.

Story for season six (which is the final season):
George is the only kid left after Ivy gave up her life to save George from Darth Sidious. George must lead an army of heroes to defeat the remaining villains that survived.

By the way. The story of this video game is really a fiction story but again, with characters based on real people, copyrighted characters and original characters.

Characters: Brandon Salazar is a character based on me. So Brandon Salazar is me. So I'm the main protagonist of the game.

My mom is also a character based on a real person and her name is Vicki Salazar. My mom is one of the supporting characters of the game.

In the game, I have several allies in the game and a good friend named James Jurovich, who is also based on a real person.

Again, for the third time, every character in this game are copyrighted characters, original characters and characters based on real people.

So that's my video game pitch to Telltale Games. I hope Telltale Games likes this video game pitch. The game will be in style of both The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us combined.


  • How you present your pitch to them, by e-mail and mark a hour in this site?
    Send me the link

  • I don't think Telltale actually accepts user pitches for various reasons. Also, this is a super old thread so I need to close it.

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    How you present your pitch to them, by e-mail and mark a hour in this site? Send me the link

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