Intel Macs = Ports?

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I'm just wondering, but seeing the new line-up of Intel based Macs and the fact that some time in the near future all Macs will be Intel based, does this make porting games easier due to a (more) similar architecture?


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    Macs using Intel will make it a bit easier to port software between them. The biggest win is that PowerPC and Intel have different "endian". Which sort of means that on a PowerPC you would write "Telltale", and on an Intel you need to write "elatlleT". All that reversing direction stuff could cause problems and slow things down. So that's a win. But I wouldn't expect DirectX on a Mac anytime soon, and I wouldn't expect a widely supported OpenGL under Windows anytime soon, so in most ways porting is still a big job.

    Overall Mac on Intel is a very good thing, and hopefully we'll see some Telltale Games for Mac soon!
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    At the very least you should be able to dual boot with Vista later this year. Its not a great solution, but its better.
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