Try not to laugh THREAD!

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As a big fan of funny videos and photos,especially the try not to laughs and the youtube poops,i want YOU to show your favorite funny video/picture,and make this community a funnier place!Here are some of my favorites:

YouTube Poop: The Krusty Krustacean's Kantankerous Kommercial
by EmperorLemon

All of the Gamer poops
by mans1ay3r

What's your favorite?

Ok now,idk who's doing this,but you shoudnt make 6 accounts just to dislike me.Im not going to cry myself to sleep,i wont give a shit,so you can stop.
P.S. If you wanna make yourself a bigger idiot,make a hate thread about me,i dare you! ;)
EDIT:i see that the spam bots are here to stay,so i probably wont stick around.


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