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    What is the name of the Peacy P/Taranchula collab song
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    In SBCG4AP Episode 3, did Strong Bad actually cry on purpose when he polluted that lake, or was it actually the bleach?
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    the bleach.

    What is the name for the strong brother that did not appear when it was going to in the cartoons?
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    Umm........I assume you mean strong glad, but that was only strong sad with heels.

    When has The Cheat held a spoon?
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    never. xD kidding. once.

    has homestar EVER had hands?
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    not real ones, but he has had sticks with hand-like objects on them.

    who was strong sad dressed up as in Halloween Fairstival?
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    ^Incorrect, he has hands, but they are invisible! OWNED!

    and by the way, the answer to your's is David Bowie

    Who is Strong Bad dressed as in Doomy Tales of the Macabre?
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    Skull kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

    What are the different choices in buying copies of "Strong Bad Sings"?
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