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I represent the Transylvanian group Or Kadma, group engaged in several projects destined to realize an interdisciplinary approach of the studies on social-historical processes seen from the point of view of the effects that secret societies, esoteric sciences, initiating traditions had upon them.

I have observed with great interest your activity, at least since June 2004, when you have posted on a forum of the cgf models generator. I am convinced that during the last half of the year you have received several positive regards towards your activity and all of your merits which you have proved with surplus.
We also sincerely and with great warmth subscribe to those regards. We have tried during this time to make contact with you but all our efforts have had no results. Our perseverance is justified by our conclusion that you are the most fit to help us materialize our project, the AinSoph Project. Of course, if you desire its accomplishment.
This project desires to create an On-line RPG (first person) based on the engine from crytech.

The basic idea from which this project has started is that: if indeed the entire human history is carved upon a background of esoteric knowledge, preserved from the beginning to this day through some Occult Heteronomy Instances, then this means that the historical transformations able to be seen at the level of the uninitiated, of the profanes and the common people as well as the official cultures which have succeeded from the fall of Human into History, don’t represent but the residual component of this Tradition.

In other words if this Sinarchic Instance exists, then the translation based on a precise algorithm of some parts of the Sapiential Background which they contain, in the profane World, have been fundamentally marking the stages of historical processes including technological, cultural, social and political evolution of humanity through out time. Cultures which have succeeded each other until now send through their instruments art, literature, science, politics, religion metaphors which offer the uninitiated clues about the hidden nature of the Tradition.

The Judaic culture was the one that in a very critical moment in history took into its hands the responsibility to decipher these metaphors, to give them a most accurate interpretation and realize a synthesis of all esoteric and initiative cultures until that time, in one system known as Kabala.
The Judaic culture being very “sensual” meaning that even the structure of the ebraic alphabet is composed only from consonants (consonants being “the meat” of the word), they felt the need to feel the material of Knowledge by building an Edifice which was desired to be a tribute to Creation, the connection between human and Divinity, a tribute towards Knowledge of the Truth. This is Solomon’s temple raised five centuries B.C.
The measures of this Edifice give clues on the nature of the divine Creation viewed from the perspective of the human eye.
It is supposed that by following a certain initiative route inside this Temple, the Mystery of the Creation will be revealed.
The Pythagorean Doctrine, the golden ratio, the Fibonacci sequence, the kabalistic study of permutations, ghematria, notarikon and temurah are all clues and essential instruments which make possible this Revelation.

The real initiative part of this Edifice is not that much in the surface building but in the interior Plateau of the Temple. This relic exists even today and represents the object of the entire dispute in the Middle Orient.
Inside the First Temple was a huge structure based upon the model of the Sephirotic Tree of Life, consisting of ten primary enclosures equal to the Pythagorean tetraktis –and 22 communication channels corresponding to the 22 hieroglyphs of the Hebraic alphabet (the tarot).
The following of this route was permitted to a very small number of initiates, which before this had to pass through a very rigorous system of initiation (which in the 18 century will become the modern Masonry).

First of all our Group starts from the presumption that what we consider to be Initiation represents actually a confrontation with a sum of mental and perception blockades which have appeared during our entire human evolution as a specie, blockades which have occurred at the level of our subconscient and at the conscient level has materialize in symbols, from this point of view a certain part of the psychoanalytic study can become an important instrument in the approach of this issue.
More accurate, we start from the presumption that if Reality reflects in our Conscience through sensorial perception then the human specific capacities, which are analyzing and synthesizing, are being carved in what has to begin with perceived, AND OUR PERCEPTION IS LIMITED IN TIME AND SPACE, then the Reality reflected in our Conscience carries the radical imprint of this limitations, deforming the correct image of Reality. Thus Knowledge in its Total must be reconsider, we cannot express general valid postulates regarding existing Reality while the way we perceive it is limited by our perception, we can only define the existence of a Partial Sensorial-Perceptive Reality, behind which lies the Reality considered to be Total.
So Initiation actually means going through some fazes of psycho-physiological transformation which has as result the performance of perception on the existing Reality.

We consider that the access to the entire Illuminating system of the human being was confiscated, at some point, by some oligarchic structures of which sole purpose is control over the Power this source of Illumination has.
This Structures have transformed the purpose of Initiation in a system of manipulation conditioning the access to it on obedience toward the System they created.

AinSoph Project has as goal to elude this System and to move the Masonic Workshop in a virtual Reality materialized through a most immersive RPG in which the acctants participation to be deeper and deeper sensorial speaking.
We consider that the engine from Crytech is the most capable in this moment to accomplish it, especially if some improvements can be brought to it.
Having in mind the limited possibilities of this Group, in this moment, to form a team of game developers, in the true sense, and having also in mind the too little commercial character of this project we consider that for the beginning collaboration with a person of your quality is the most fit choice. In general we are people focused on studying; most of us have qualifications in graphic design but less in programming. We have reached the conclusion that we can define you as a veritable One-girl-show which is exactly what we need.

It is up to you to appreciate if such a collaboration is worth it or not. We will attach some pictures which I hope it will reflect exactly the level we have reached.
We have a lot of technical questions which I believe you are the only one capable of providing us the answers.
If you could provide us with an id on a messenger were we could communicate more direct and efficiently, in real time it would be extraordinary.
Meanwhile you can contact us on Server>, Channel > Or-Kadma, we are there and we hardly wait your participation


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    Why is this post almost exactly the same as the "A way To Know" thread posted only 5 minutes before this one.
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    yeah I don't know if this is some new auto spam shiet or what
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    Maybe. Not once did they mention Tell Tale. Very Weird. But if that wasthe case why would BarfHappy be in the tittle. And the thing is Barf Happy is a telltale forum member.
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    random parse could pull any name from the forum.

    two people with the same join date posting the same crap. Where is the admin when you need em to nuke this.
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    We are very sorry because of the misunderstanding.
    There is no spam here, there were some synchronizing problems when posting the material and that is why it appeared several times, both transmitters are real persons and the project is absolutely real.
    That is why our insistence is justified. We consider our message to be in the end quite important, we again apologize for the inconvenience.
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    sounds like we have ourselves a couple of vampires here
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    I never thought that randomly putting words next to each other could produce a text that almost means something...

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    I'm glad all that pseudo-secret Masonic mumbo-jumbo went Open-Source... ;)

    The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn
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    that symbol looks like something I saw from ghost in the shell sac
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    but Gits:Sac is great :D

    crazy vampires [>:)]
    and masonics those peole are evil!!!

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