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Hi guys,

have you thought about doing versions of your games for Xbox 360 to be released through Live Arcade? I think it would be an ideal platform to market your games (besides the PC versions for all your fans out there). I believe the games available there are quite succesful, especially since they reach audiences which usually only buy fullpriced (console) games and no downloadable games. And since its integrated in the consoles system, even people who wouldn't even think about ever downloading games get interested. I was one of those and I already bought 4 titles there...

The 360 should be powerful enough to run your engine without much optimising, so porting the games should be easy...

I would love to hear your thoughts on it.



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    Bah! to the xbox 360. That is all....

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    It'll be interesting to see how widely the 360 is adopted by indie developers. I'm really hoping it gives developers who may have wanted to make console games but were scared away by the price tag a way into people's homes.
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    The ability for indie console games is one of the coolest features of the 360. Having Telltale support it would be cool, but lets get our priorities straight. The people with Xboxes will already have PCs, so let's support the Microsoft haters and give Macs some support ;)
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    Yes, all two of them.

    hahahahaha!!! ;) No, but seriously, you guys are all right. :) :D
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