Worst Video Game Enemies



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    wiggler from mario remix boss edition.:) to >:[ very quickly.
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    pizzapuma wrote: »
    Wiggler from Super Mario Remix Boss Edition. :) to :mad: very quickly.

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    oh! and those barrels DK throws.:mad:
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    Yep. I feel your pain, or at least I'm trying to...
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    as much as i hate killing DKC 2,*gets gun*it's showtime.
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    How about those "Black shadows"?
    Those guys think they're all that shooting their guns all the time.
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    Tabu (if that's spelled correctly) from super smash bros. brawl. For me, even on easy mode, that sum-b%#ch is sooooo annoying!
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    Tabuu has TWO u's in it
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    Green From Gunstar heroes... So... many.... forms......Especially when I had an annoying 'friend' who kept dying and stealing my health...
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    ooh... sounds AWESOME! can you describe his forms?
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    For me it's:

    1. Dran Draggore from Eye of the Beholder II. Never got him killed.
    2. Morag from Neverwinter Nights I (OC). I had to cheat to beat her.
    3. Diablo

    EDIT: Oh, I misunderstood. What I listed aren't 'bad' villains but those who put up the hardest fight for me.
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    Homestar. I was okay with him in Episode 1 and the others, however Episode 2 REALLY GOT ME ANGERED WITH HIM.

    In seriousness, I'd have to say Wild Pokemon. "NO, I DON'T WANT TO CAPTURE SOME CRAPPY BIDOOF! JUST LET ME BE!"
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    i don't really know pokemon, what's the best one?
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    BTW dentbubs, where's that guy even from? what game? what level? regular or boss? what's this? <(o_O)>
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    00, Kirby's Dreamland 3... not bad but that attack... the eye... THE HORROR.........
    *crawls into fetal position, sucks thumb.*
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    Oh, And the Masked Man from Mother 3. Some people found it heartwarming and crap, I found it depressing...... Freaking Porky Minch.get grounded and he unleashes the ultimate, disturbing evil, goes into the future to screw everything up...
    Don't screw with fat children. Cause this might happen.
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    Gman5852 wrote: »
    This guy is very hard the first time through.
    Sory the pic is tiny.



    i also dispise sandman from spiderman 3. he's so friggin easy!
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    the freakin homestarmy in sbcg4ap ep. 2

    since when does homestar freggin know smart tactics!

    They are all unbeatable! Since when can the cheat not hurt strong sad! He lives with ss he should be used to depressing comments!

    Edit: Even homestar says in "the interview" http://www.homestarrunner.com/interview.html

    Amen brother.
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