Corrupt-A-Plan-O-Matic-9000-more words [GAME]

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This game's point is simple-the plan you'll corrupt are Homestar's "plans to get rid of my freakin' duck cousins" plan. Like this:

Bobby: Homestar gets Strong Bad to beat the crap outta them.

Boby: Atempted, but Marzipan tells Strong Bad she won't be impressed by his actions, ticking him off and 100% Homestar Stuffings beat as the aftermath.

Homestar uses his buzzer them.


Start Play!

Homestar kicks The Cheat into them.


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    Something tells me that this thread is gonna get locked, seems too much like the "Neverending Cheat Code" thread. Even the little sing-along game some guy came up with got locked.

    Good luck with it, though.
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    Strong Bad uses his keyswordtar on Homestar.
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    Success! This thread has now come to an end.
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    Well, it was good while it "lasted".
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    I really want this thread to keep going! It's fun!
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    Snicklin wrote: »
    Strong Bad uses his keyswordtar on Homestar.

    Done, but that has nothing to do with the topic.

    Homestar attempts to drop a loard on them.
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    Homsar pushes them away and gets hit by the heavy lourde.

    Homestar kicks them up in the sky.
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    They land on Homestar himself-woo-hoo, a concussion.

    Strong Mad attacks them.
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    Strong Mad trips on a bannana peel that the cheat just threw on the floor
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    Let's say Darkblade said: "Homestar sends a hungry KOT on them"

    The Chef gives him a lifetime supply of ham. He eats it up in 5 minutes and then goes to sleep.

    Homestar sends them in the mail.
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    The mail is burned.

    The depressing/creepy/unpredictable Coach Z is sent to SB's house.
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