Beta testing?

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Well it seems like telltale has a bunch of new projects ahead of them with more bone, sam & max, csi and maybe something else.

Looking at the many reviews on bone I think that some of the issues people had could have been avoided with some more play testing. Who better to test then some of the people from the forum :)) :x :)) ... but seriously is telltale going to have any closed beta tests that people can enter? Now considering the size of the adventure game market I can see not having many testers but a few couldn't hurt. ;)


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    I can't confim this will actually happen, but it's something worth thinking about. Thanks for the suggestion. We'll let ya know!
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    Beta testing would be smart, especially for an adventure heavy game that only caters to one type of audience like Sam and Max (as opposed to the Everybody's Game that is Bone), since even though getting episodic content and patches means that problems can be fixed, checking how the target audience feels about the game before releasing it might be a good idea.

    Sorry if I sounded harsh about Bone, I haven't played it (Mac user) but I love the comics and think the idea of making it easy for everyone to play is a great idea.
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