the adventures of you! a silly adventure

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an just for credit, this is a silly adventure NOT a parody of the_napoleon's choose adventure but what HIS is based off of!

you appear in a room with this guy who looks really strong.
he says his name is "Bowser" and this other guy who also looks really strong.
he says his name is "Ganondorf" this is what they look like:


they say they will help you escape the room if you help them remember what game series each of them are from! (you should know this! they are nintendo's top 2 game series'!)


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    okay fine!

    "Bowser, i think you are from Mario. I thing Ganondorf is from Zelda." you say. "thanks" they say. *bowser and ganondorf join you on your quest*

    you appear in the city, you are on a quest for an autograph from miley cyrus. you hear she is at walmart in los angelos, luckily you are in los angelos and right by walmart. inventory: Bowser, Ganondorf, Un-autographed photo of Miley Cyrus.

    what do you do?
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    go into wal-mart
    go to help center
    ask where miley cyrus is
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    "she is at the game section" they say.
    "thank you" you say.
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    go to game section
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    you see 5 random kids, miley cyrus, billy ray cyrus, jason earles, and emily osment.
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    get an autograph from miley cyrus, billy ray, jason earles, and emily osment.
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    "bring me a new mullet and i will sign it! everyone else will sign it, but i won't until i get a new mullet!" says Billy Ray
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    Get autographs from other internet celebreties.
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    you look around the store, you remember you are on a quest for THEIR autographs and no one else's! you go back. you see a mullet in an aisle on the way there.
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    hint: go to the aisle you saw the mullet
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