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Hi I'm kinda new so I thought I'd make a forum game. Here's the rules I'll ask a question out of these categries:

Art & Literature
Science & Nature
Sports & Leisure

When somone gets the queston right, they get to ask there own question from the categries above. Try an make them questions that are hard to google.

I'll start with a easy one.

History: What battle did General George Custer die in?


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    Battle of Little Bighorn?
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    Battle of Little Bighorn?

    Now you ask a question. I think. That is how this thread works, right? Do we need confirmation that the answer was correct?
    Hello? Anybody?
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    Ummm... Entertainment;
    Which Starfox (villain) character is "The Betrayer" (hint: OINK)
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    Yeah that's how it works, I'm sorry I haven't been on the forums for a while
    SNM Season 2 came in the mail 3 days ago. Oh and that's correct Ray-The-Sun
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